The 3 Biggest Gravel Cycling Events in Vermont


A SPRING CLASSIC // 1000 Riders // 40 miles // 4000 ft // APRIL 27th

Rasputitsa is Russian for the mud season when roads become difficult to traverse. The Rasputitsa is a psychotic 40 mile, insane, drop to your knees and cry sufferfest with an absurd section so difficult that people won't believe your stories called Cyberia.

It's not about racing.  It's about challenging the human spirit.

In every way, the gravel racing is a journey.  A journey that is traveled regardless of roads, of weather, of terrain.  A journey that ends in camaraderie.  We are united by one commonality: the road is our home.


The Overland

A Vermont Classic // 750 Riders // 43 miles // 5,600 ft // August 25th

The Overland is a 43-mile dirt road bicycle race featuring 5,700 feet of climbing, seven sectors of “Vermont pavé” (unmaintained ancient public roads), two well-fortified sag stops, a magnificently scenic route and an awesome party afterwards.  It’s the ultimate overland adventure ride.   Open dirt roads, amazing scenery and an epic course unlike any you’ve ever ridden before, all within a beautiful Vermont pastoral setting.

VO 2018-1.jpg

Muddy Onion Spring Classic

38 miles // 400 Riders // 3,200 ft // April 20th

A 38 mile "spring classic" "mullet ride" (business in the front, party in the back) starting in downtown Monperlier in late April. Experience the full-spectrum of Vermont gravel at this legendary ride. 

Ansel Dickey