Ted King: The Groad to KANZA

“2019 will go down in history as the year of Gravel. Pro teams are heading to Kansas to face down the granddaddy of all gravel races as are WorldTour riders targeting it too. So what's the two-time winner and reigning Dirty Kanza champion doing?”

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Finding New Gravel Roads and Planning the Perfect Cycling Route

In this post Ansel Dickey lists the best resources to help you find and explore new gravel roads.

Vermont (and many other areas) offers a huge variety of gravel and class 4 roads. I know the roads in my area very well, having explored them almost every day for years, but there are incredible roads all over Vermont that you only find by being in the area on your bike. Here are some tools to give you a jumping off point for discovering the amazing roads Vermont has to offer.

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Enjoy the Shoulder Season.

In this short edit, Gavin talks about savoring the last moments of the riding season. Late October in Vermont normally presents frozen trails, and snowy/leafy conditions but with 4 + months of winter right around the corner it’s best to get out and enjoy the Shoulder Season.

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