Welcome to the VTdirt. This is a tight-knit community of like-minded explorers. If you’re new, write a short note on the Community Forum that introduces yourself below. Use our Route Database to help plan your next adventure. Chime in on the forum to suggest routes or ideas for this developing community and stay tuned for special member benefits.

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Route Database

This is our VTdirt Route Database (overall map), housed by Ride with GPS. The routes are color-coded from green to purple (green is “easy” purple is “GNARLY”), you get the point. Some routes stick mostly to paved routes and others, well, less so. The POI’s (Cafés or Beer/Food) that show up on the overall map are our favorite places to stop. We wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t worth it. You can toggle through the display options at the bottom of the map. All the individual routes have a brief description of the ride and designated POI’s (points of interest) tagged along the route. When we recommend stopping somewhere to refuel… we mean it! Click on the route you desire and expand the view to see its designated POI’s. Ride more dirt, get out there, explore, and enjoy! Be sure to tag us on all the socials when out riding to spread the word and grow this TRIBE!

NEW MEMBERS: below is a private Ride with GPS Master Map. Please click this link to become of member of our RWGPS organization to achieve access to the map. You may need to refresh the page AFTER you’ve signed into RWGPS and joined our organization with (this link… again). Make sure you’re using the same web browser.

NAVIGATING: one of the benefits of being a GRAVEL–TRIBE member is not having to pay for your own RWGPS account and navigation features. This article explains how to navigate using the RWGPS App (recommended) and this article explains how to download the route GPX file and upload it to your Garmin or other brand bike computer to navigate with that. Enjoy!!! Read the full RWGPS Help Portal here.

Helpful Nav Links

RWGPS Help Portal

Voice Navigation

Offline Maps

Saving Battery Life

Exporting Routes to Garmin

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Community Forum

Our community forum is a place where members can interact, scheme adventures, talk about gear and get industry deals. Feel free to post at will. You can access the forum below. All updates are also sent out via email. Enjoy!